harini kumar


Twilight Stroll

Twilight Stroll is a set of two paintings. They portray two women strolling along during twilight. In the first we see two young women returning after prayers. A mosque can be seen in the distance. The women could be friends or related. The second one shows two older women, one of them is carrying a baby while the other looks on protectively.

The faces of the figures do not have features in order to retain an air of mystery, to leave the viewer guessing as to what could be the expression on their faces.

The dark color almost black that we see in the painting is a metallic shade of iron oxide. Its grainy texture gives a very unique effect to the paintings – they represent the earthy nature of the Omani landscape.

Acrylic on Canvas
26.5 X 38 cm

I am interested in

Twilight Stroll

Please contact me with Commercial details

I am interested in Twilight Stroll. Please contact me with commercial details.